shibusa (shibusa) wrote in vaginapagina,

follow-up to my questions about anatomy

well, I saw a professional today, and the final verdict was that the ring of tissue (which I now think of as pretty little flower petals, thanks to you all), is indeed my hymenal remnant. good call there! and that, combined with my being on the compact side, is probably why some nurses have had a hard time with catheterizations.

also, it has been at least 1.5 years since my last annual, but when I told my ob-gyn about recent events, she just gave me the prescription I've been wanting for HBC. in her words, "you don't need an annual, you've had to see enough doctors." ♥ (I should note, I've been in a monogamous relationship with the same partner since my last pap, and have never had an abnormal result, so there's absolutely nothing irresponsible about that.)

just thought I'd share a mention of a good ob-gyn, since there are so many not-so-great ones out there.

anyway, all anatomically fine, but the downside of that is that she agreed the problem likely is neurological, especially given my other symptoms. that makes five doctors saying "maybe MS," and even today I had difficulty balancing on the scale to be weighed. I have an appointment with an MS clinic tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some resolution soon- I do not want to have MS, but I also hope they don't dismiss me, and that all this works out in a livable way.
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