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Fishy Smell

Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm hoping someone here can help me with some problems I've been having.
The rules and stuff are down today so I don't know if I'm supposed to use a cut or not, but I've seen that lots of other people haven't so I won't either.
Anyway, I went to the doctor about a month ago because I was having pain while peeing. Not really a burning sensation, more like a soreness in my bladder. He tested for a UTI and STDs, and I came up completely STD free. So did my husband. As time went on, the soreness got a little worse. It happened when I had sex with my husband as well, and there was a really bad fishy smell afterwards. That always happened and I thought it was normal, but for 2 weeks it was terrible and it didn't go away after I showered. For about the last week it seems to have been going away, along with the painful peeing. I've been drinking a lot of cranberry juice but I don't know if that has anything to do with it going away.
I have no clue as to what this could be. I don't have any abnormal discharge. I'm planning to go back to the doctor but if this is something I can treat over the counter, or if it will go away on its own, then I won't. I don't want to ignore it if it's serious though. Help?
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