Phelipa (phelipa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding between periods

I'm a newbie here but it looks like a good place to ask questions about all this stuff :)

For the last two months I've been bleeding between periods. Initially it was light spotting which progressed to bleeding and mini pads were sufficient; this month it was really heavy, almost like a period with some small clots and LOTS of painful cramping (even more than my regular periods) and back pain, but not quite long enough and was only 2-3 weeks after my last period. I saw the Dr. the first time around and she reccommended just keeping an eye on it, went back and she did a pelvic exam which basically just showed the bleeding is from the cervix (but she didn't see any polyps?). I'm going for some bloodwork and an ultrasound this week as well.

Just curious if you guys have had any experience with this? I'm a virgin so she ruled out STDs but she's testing my prolactin level (which I see is related to PCOS?) and looking for fibroids/endometriosis with the ultrasound. Is there anything else I should be looking into?

I'm tired of bleeding 2+ times a month, ONCE is enough!

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