Adorkable (firelie) wrote in vaginapagina,

EPT pregnancy test results confusing

I got the Rite-Aid generic brand of the EPT +/- pregnancy test and am kind of confused at my results. Out of the package, it had two little windows with really light faint bluish lines in them (not like it had been used, but like where you could expect to see the results), a vertical one on the control window and a horizontal one across the results window.

So anyway, I peed in a cup, got some on it, and waited the allotted time. The line in the control window turned a nice bright blue, but the line in the results window hasn't changed. The only thing in it is the light blue line that was there before I started my test. The instructions didn't say anything about the control window working and the other one not showing anything. I originally took it as "not pregnant" since it wasn't a +, but now I'm not so sure...
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