Jesi Leigh (pyraterose) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jesi Leigh

Phantom Period? WTF?

So for the last three nights I have been waking up with awful cramps like those I usually get during my period. I have also had milder ones during the day for these three days. I was due to get my period yesterday, the 14th, and my body is like clockwork usually so I'm confused as to why I am experiencing all of the symptoms except the bleeding.

I did have unprotected sex with my fiance on my most fertile day this month (more of an oops and a miscalculation than anything) but I thought it would be far too early to be having symptoms at this point as it's only been two weeks. Also I haven't seen any spotting or anything but I was planning on taking a test in the next day or so if my period still hasn't made an appearance.

I don't know if it makes a huge difference or why I'd be having all the usual symptoms but the main one, but I have been under gobs of stress lately from losing my job to trying to pay off my wedding which is in 30 days and then my fiance's father died the other night and it's just been a mess. Could that be the issue? I've been stressed before and I have NEVER missed my period or been late before.

Anyone else have this happen?
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