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Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Breastfeeding edition.

Because Sunday was Mother's Day in the U.S., and because this has been ripe for discussion all over the internet this week, let's talk about...the Time Magazine cover controversy.

If you have not seen it, this is the cover image, which I will put behind a cut:

A link, should it be useful:,9263,7601120521,00.html

What do you think about that image and the headline? Do you think it does positive or negative things for mothers who breastfeed past infancy, or for parents in general? Were you breastfed, or have you breastfed a child (past infancy or not)? Would you?

Here's a miniature links round-up relating to this discussion, should further perspectives interest you!

Breastfeeding Medicine on the medical/science-based part of the discussion

Motherhood is not a competition, where are the fathers in this discussion, and 'yes, you probably are'

Arwyn @ Raising My Boychick, in conversation with others, on "contrived debates, strawmoms, and kyriarchy's binds"

If you've been reading any related posts that you'd like to share, feel free to do so in the comments!
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