Madelynn (dearestevermore) wrote in vaginapagina,

Switching birth control

Hi everyone, kind of a confusing set of questions here...

I switched from my OCP that I was on for about three years (just a generic for aleese) to the NuvaRing in January. Long story short, the NuvaRing is causing some really serious migraine issues + some other not fun stuff (absurd PMS, really bad cramps, vaginal dryness, etc). I've decided I've given it long enough to work itself out with my body and I'm going to switch back to my old birth control. I called my doctor today to set up the switch but he is out of the office until Thursday morning so he'll have to get back to me. I'm trying to decide what my options are until then.

I just put in a new ring this morning (after a full seven day break), and my withdrawal bleed also started this morning. I could just...take it out? The problem with that is that then I would not have pregnancy protection again until the 24th, assuming I am able to pick up my old pills on Friday. I am Super Pregnancy Paranoid and I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think realistically we'd only be having sex maybe once or twice in that time frame and there are always condoms but I don't know. I guess it's decently likely that my body could decide to kick out an egg in that time frame right?

Orrr.. I could leave it in. I'm really freaking done with this thing and doing that kind of makes me want to throw a super immature temper tantrum. My concern is just that I don't want to keep this combination of hormones in my body any longer than I absolutely have to. How long will it take before my body adapts to my happy old hormones and gets rid of all gunk? These migraines are getting absolutely debilitating and I'm trying to wrap up a pretty chaotic quarter with college. Will leaving it in an extra three days really make that much of a difference?

Halp =(

Thank you <3

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