Blood and Honey (emptysthemepark) wrote in vaginapagina,
Blood and Honey

Documentary: The Perfect Vagina

Hello, superstars!

After recent posts about anatomy, I was reminded of this documentary, which I watched as part of my social work field placement at a local rape crisis centre.  We had a tremendous discussion about the material and I walked away emotional but also feeling very positive and loving about my vagina.  Even growing up in a sex positive home, I've still had qualms and worries about "down there" when entering relationships.

It's 58 minutes and free to stream online, and it's called The Perfect Vagina.  It's an exploration of women in the UK who are seeking to have plastic surgery on their vaginas, specifically their inner labia or to "restore virginity".

Warning:  NSFW - you will see multiple vaginas, including plastic surgery performed on one. 

I checked in with our VP mods and no one could recall seeing this posted.  I thought I'd share it and see what others felt about it. 

EDIT:  lilac_ribbon has pointed out a second link for us.
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