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Are some men just too big? Or am I too small?

I can't seem to find a trustworthy answer on the internet for this question. 
Has anyone else found that some well endowed men are just too big for them?
I slept with this guy last night who was pretty well endowed, and found that it quite hurt when he was fully inside me. My exboyfriend was really well endowed too, and I had the same problem for the entire 2 years of our relationship. He was my first sexual partner, I had attributed the painful sex to a (then unknown) latex sensitivity. I haven't had many sexual partners (last night makes 4) but other than mr. last night and the ex boyfriend, they've all been average/smaller than average and everything's been fine.
Additionally, last night was the end of a few months dry spell, and I'm wondering if maybe that's a factor... The second time was a lot better than the first, but still painful. But I'm a pretty small girl, and I'm a bit nervous that maybe my lady bits are undersized? I've heard of that happening with teenagers who haven't finished growing, but I'm 20. Should I go to the gyno maybe? Or are some penises just "too big?" If that's the truth, it's devastating. Any help would be appreciated! 


It's not a stretching/tearing pain, I'll assume it's hitting my cervix since it's a deeper pain. It is also significantly worse during doggy style/other deep penetration positions. I do have a vibrator that is significantly smaller than my current partner, and I have no problems that. Thanks for all the help everyone, you've been lovely!

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