angelicalangie (angelicalangie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sanitary pad irritation

Ok the title does not even begin to describe this. I went back to using pads after 3 years of not needing anything (due to implanon). At first it was no issue. Then i used Always and i had mild irritation, but was ok. Then i picked up a new pack with scent, the scent was powerful enough to smell when opening the little package. I knew better, yeah I really did, but I didn't listen to my own misgivings and my normally sensitive skin has gone from irritated to raw.

I have ceased using pads, but i was wondering what i can do to ease and cure my skin problem. I have used warm compress and some rash cream so far.

Also cloth pads, where do i buy them? I am in England, and do they stain/ are they absorbant enough for heavy flows? What are your expriences? Do you get irritation whith them too?
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