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Birth control woes

I'm almost fairly certain that I've posted something similar in here or the birth control community (though I actually prefer here, since everyone here seems a lot nicer and informative). At any rate, I need a little direction, as it were.

I feel like it is so hard to be a sexually active woman who does not want to get pregnant, in terms of finding a good contraceptive method that suits one's lifestyle and preferences. I've gone through two types of hormonal birth control pills with my current partner (three altogether, though the first time I was on HBC I was with another person). I'm so sick of having sore boobs all the time and drinking water and lowering my sodium seems to help only minimally. The hormones are also affecting me psychologically in that somehow I'm convinced they're lowering my libido. I switched brands because of that, and when I was on the new pill, I thought everything was solved because I sexually felt like my old self again. But then things went back to me not really wanting to have sex, which stressed me out, because I began to worry that it was actually my own hormones and not the artificial ones that basically killed my sex drive, though I've begun to realize that I actually feel normal when I'm on my placebo week. I've determined that it must be psychological because of this.

My current situation is that I'm living at my best friend's house because I can't afford anything else, and my boyfriend hasn't had a job in a few years because he's been a full-time student and his parents have been helping him out, though lucky him, he has no bills (yet XD). He's about to graduate with his BS, and ideally, he'll be able to find a decent job that will allow us to get our own place, and make it not so life-ruining if we got pregnant. Needless to say, babies wouldn't be good for us at this stage in the game. So my boyfriend and I discussed whether or not it would be a good idea for me to stop using the pill in favor of something else. He prefers that I stay on it until he finds a job, because we both basically hate condoms. They lower sensitivity for both of us, and the lubricant and material of them just feel very unpleasant for me. I tried FAM for a while, but I never felt confident enough in it to use it as a primary birth control method. Which brings me to my question(s):

What are some suggestions for relatively inexpensive (or mostly covered by insurance), relatively low maintenance, preferably hormone free birth control? I'm trying to stay open-minded and not tell myself that I'm not going to like any of the options. I may consider an IUD, but at this point, I feel it's too invasive, and I don't like the idea of a fertilized egg not implanting because of birth control (as I understand it, IUDs do not prevent ovulation, only implantation). Are there any condom brands that are less likely to, well, feel like a condom? I also saw something at WalMart once that looked like a dissolvable contraceptive strip that gets inserted into the vagina (I'm assuming it's a spermicide of some sort, but I didn't get a chance to look at it further, and I don't remember was it was called). Is there a way to make my brain stop thinking that pills are going to make me not want to have sex (and therefore result in me not wanting to have sex)? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
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