dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Your experiences with Provera?

Hi all! I finally went to the OB GYNE after having been suspected with PCOS and after the ultrasound and the final diagnosis was....NORMAL.

Yes, I don't have PCOS-yet.

Yes, yet. Because my doctor believes that if i don't start regulating my period, I would sooner than later develop pcos.

She prescribed me with Provera.

Given that it is supposed to regulate my hormones, I am expecting that it's effects won't only be on my period alone but in any other part of my body. I asked my doctor and she said so far she have not had any patient reporting negative effects.

My question is, what are your experiences with taking provera? Does it make you fat/ter? Does it make your pimples grow more? Thank you!
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