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Update to my bump in pubic hairs post

I figured I'd post the outcome of my previous post in case it helps anyone.

Basically it turned out to be a boil. I've never had one before, and holy mother of pearl the pain. It's insane. At its worst yesterday I was crying and feeling sick to my stomach with pain every time I took a step. I feel like such a wimp... but... yeah, it's the worst pain I've felt in over a decade.

On my mom's advice, I sent my husband out on a search for drawing salve with Ichthammol in it. He went to Walmart and got Smile's Homeopathic Drawing Salve Prid. Looks like crap (literally, same color) and smells like it too, but it worked wonders.

I put it on a band-aid, and said the heck with it and taped it right over my pubic hair. So a few get yoinked out every time I take the band-aid off but... I didn't feel like trying to shave the area without hitting the boil. I left it on all night (I'm nocturnal lately), and went to bed at 6:30am leaving it on.

When I woke up at 3:30pm and hobbled to the bathroom, I took off the band-aid and it was a huge white oozing head. It's like a volcano of disgusting ewww. I've been changing the band-aid and keeping neosporin on it all day, and it's still oozing blood and puss. Now the head is gone, it just looks like an oozing open sore of sorts.

My main problem is just the location, really. It's in my pubic hairs directly above my outer labia. The band-aid kinda folds out in a tent-shape, letting the ooze drip down onto my outer labia - which creeps me out. I tried gauze, but that tents out too. So I've got a criss-cross setup of four band-aids going... two horizontal, two vertical. And that seems to hold the ooze in and soak it up.

I'm kind of wishing I had something more absorbant, every time I take the band-aid off it's soaked. The gauze we have is kind of shiny and smooth, I guess I'm hoping for something more cottony. Might need a trip to CVS to see what other options there are.

Anyway, any tips or advice from here would be great. I really wanna keep this ooze away from my ladybits, and I feel like I could be managing it better than I am.
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