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How does one find a cervix?

Hello all :)

I am looking to buy a menstrual cup but am having difficulty determining a size (mainly with regards to length). Over here at menstrual_cups I'm getting conflicting answers as to how to find a cervix. So I come here for clarification!

So basically here is a journey into my vagina:

I stick my middle finger into my vagina and about halfway through my middle finger I feel a fleshy nub that when I press down on it, I can feel something hard behind it (I'm assuming a bone). This is with me laying down, palm facing up, so the front wall of my vagina? If I go past this I can continue past it until my middle finger can't be put in anymore. There is still space for it to go. It does, however, get significantly tighter after that bone/fleshy nub thing and sort of changes direction a bit? If that makes sense :D "It gets deeper" is the only way I can think of describing it, and kind of goes downhill, sort of.

So is my cervix really, really high up, or is it that fleshy nub? A few people are saying the fleshy nub is my cervix, but someone else said that it might be my g-spot.

I'm so confused and feel like an idiot :(! Since it's a pretty big purchase I want to be very sure that I'm buying the correct size, etc.

Thanks so much!!

ETA: Oh, and I can't access vulvapedia. My anti-virus keeps blocking it and says it's harmful.
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