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Pregnancy Test Becoming Positive

Hi VPers,

I'm a bit anxious right now. My period is a day late (it is usually like clockwork, so this is a bit unusual). I had an extra pregnancy test on hand so I thought "Okay, why not. It will give me peace of mind!". I took it this morning, with my first urine of the day, and let it sit on the counter for what I am fairly sure is 2 minutes. I didn't directly time it, I probably should have! It appeared negative, so I put it away and went back to bed for a little while.

When I got up to start my day two hours later, there was the barest hint of a positive line. The instructions did say not to look at the results after 10 minutes, so I know I am probably just being silly. I then googled this (never a good idea) and got a mixed bag. Some people said that they were actually pregnant, some said that they weren't! I have been having some period symptoms, like feeling bloaty and even some cramps. I don't think I engaged in anything that would put me at risk. The most risky sex I can think of is the fact that my partner and i had intercourse the day before I was to ovulate, but we used a condom (that was sound, I blew it up afterward to check) AND we used withdrawal, too. We had intercourse another time after my ovulation window should have been closed, and we used both a condom and withdrawal again. Any other sex we had was just manual/oral, so I know there's no risk there. Also, I am not on HBC.

I'm just being silly, right? I'm thinking I'll go and get a digital test, just to set my mind at ease for sure. How accurate are those? Anyone have confusing experience with those? Thank goodness for you all, I'm pretty nervous!
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