Terri (terrorlynn) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Hey there superstars!

I was at a clinic on Thursday and was given metronidazole to treat bacterial vaginosis.  Sadly, after I was given this, the nurse came in to draw my blood and did a...spectacularly terrible job that ended up with her leaving the room to get me some water before her next try at my tiny ninja veins.  During this absence, I apparently passed out off of the exam table, banging my head pretty well on the door handle and the floor.  As part of the resulting concussion, I absolutely cannot remember the treatment directions, and the clinic is closed at the moment.  I know it's a topical medication, but is it single application?  The tube is as big as my hand; I cant imagine all of the cream being in my vagina all at once.  Halp, please.

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