x_transform_x (x_transform_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bump in my pubic hairs question

I've had what I'm guessing is a cyst (1/4 inch diameter, smallish, soft, round shaped but flat/not high, whiteish, non-painful bump) in my public hairs for I guess a few years. (Or a few months that felt like years, I can never tell anymore, haha.) I left it alone since it wasn't bothering me.

Last night I noticed it hurt, so I looked in the mirror as best I could... it looks a bit swollen, and what was once a whiteish bump, now looks like two or so darkish ingrown hairs or blackheads or some such.

I googled and saw "seek immediate care" and "surgery" and flipped out, calling my mom at 2:30am in a panic attack. Oh google, why do you always have to make me think I'm dying?

Anyway, she said to just cycle a warm compress on it and put neosporin on it. The warm compress has been making it less painful. It's hard for me to just not think about it though, because my thigh rubs against it when I sit.

"Is she right?" crossed my mind so I googled again, and panicked again - so I figured I'd just come here and ask instead. Is the warm compresses and neosporin the right thing for me to do? Is there anything I need to watch for, like signs of it getting worse? I'm kind of hoping I can get out of this without a doctor (if it were anywhere else on my body, I'd be much less hesitant). Thank you for reading.
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