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A Little Advice:

...for a non-sex having, uterus-obsessed writer.

I am writing a book called Dear Uterus. It is exactly what it sounds like: art, letters and essays that I have been doing for my uterus since 2006. I have been trying to cover issues from puberty, politics to gender issues, but I have not been trying to limit my audience to just women (because men are important as well and need to be included). They are mostly personal experiences that I like to relate to research/current issues. It has been an ongoing project and sometimes a struggle. However, I feel that it is lacking because I myself do not have sex all that often and I feel that sex is a huge part of what makes a uterus what it is. I was never abstinent, but I didn't have sex until I was 27, and sometimes I wish I never did. So I am celibate for the time being. Not that I think that I should be having tons of sex in order to present sex in essay/non-fiction writing, but I guess I feel awkward in it. Although I feel that you can be sensual and not sexual, sometimes I think that this particular standpoint might not relate to enough people. Or maybe I am totally wrong in this assumption?

How do you non-sex having people feel about your uterus or a uterus that you know? How does it effect you or your sexuality/sensuality, if at all?

Thanks in advance, VP Uteri!!!

Anisa Lewis
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