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General questions more or less

Maybe I just didn't read far enough back but I have a list of questions that I was curious if y'all minded answering.

Let me start by saying I am a 23yo virgin.  Who has never been had a pelvic exam of any kind and took the pill for all of a week when I turned 18 at mothers request (read force). 

Recently I started dating someone who I like quite a bit.  Well more then that.  I want to look into other birth control options besides the pill but I am to chicken to call the doctor and talk to them.  I need a form of birth control that does not have the side effect of blood clots or very low risk.  I am genetically predisposed to them we recently found out.  I would also like it be as effective as possible I really am not ready to be a mom yet.  Basically what are some other options?

I am not opposed to surgical means to stop me from a having a child I just would like to keep the option open for a later time.  Any further information in that area would be well received.

So I have never felt the need to go to the gyno since I don't have any problems.  Also I am very embarrassed and frightened to go.  I guess a personal stigma left over from childhood about no no places.  When should I go?  Should I have already gone?

Also I know that my hymen was at least tore somewhat about five years ago during over aggressive masturbation, there was a little blood/pain and spotting for a few days, is there any chance I still have a hymen?  If so should I expect the same feeling of pain and blood?

If y'all just link me the the proper threads I'll read myself I just didn't see anything right away and kinda chickened out again.  More or less the story of my life.  Any answers are helpful and any questions I can answer if that helps get a better answer.
Tags: hormonal-birth-control, pap-smears
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