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I'm a sworn cup user. I've had a Lunette for a couple of years and this past cycle, started using a MeLuna as back up because I refuse to use anything else and back up is a good thing to have.

Even when I don't have my period, I tend to use a cup when I'm overnighting (camping or a protest situation that could or will go overnight). This has been useful in the past when my period has come unexpectedly and gives me a sense of security and with the cup, it's not dangerous nor does it interfere with my movement.

This weekend, I was not menstruating (thank god) but I was overnight on the street in NYC and was using my cup. I had a significant amount of discharge (my medium MeLuna was maybe half filled each day) that... well, I get a good cervix seal so it's got to be coming from my uterus?

This isn't unusual for me. I haven't had a vaginal exam that didn't also give comment on my amount of discharge. (There's never been an infection or other problem, just a ton of discharge.) But this is also why I end up using my cup for non-period reasons - that's a lot of liquid, if you follow my drift.

Is there a likely cause other than "You have discharge?" More accurately, is there a way to slow the discharge? (The only difference I've been able to find is that it thickens closer to ovulation.)
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