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still talking about peeing!

update: I went in Wednesday for urodynamic testing, which was kind of a horrible experience but did finally show the doctors that there is a definite problem, because I could not pee at all no matter how hard I tried, even with an (overly) full bladder. They taught me to self catheterize and my life has improved dramatically. I feel SO much better.

The two possible diagnoses they gave me were pelvic floor disfunction (as a result of sexual abuse, according to my urologist) and MS. For the former, I am supposed to start physical therapy and work on learning to relax my muscles. I'm a little hesitant to do this though because the past few months have been fairly rough on me, as an SA survivor, being constantly poked and prodded - things that I had avoided at all costs for years. My understanding is that the PT would be more of the same, and I feel like a) the problem was slowly getting better on its own, b) I have almost no pain, and sex is 100% fine, so am not sure about the diagnosis anyway.

During the urodynamics test, I could not feel the coldness of the dye going into me, and I've learned that I can't reliably judge how full my bladder is - sometimes I feel nothing and am very full when I cath; sometimes it's the opposite. In addition to that, I've had significant fatigue and dizziness (especially during the afternoon for some reason, sometimes so bad that I can't function and even vomit), occasional tingling in my hands and feet, and chest pains which have been linked to spasms in the muscles between my ribs. I also have a history of ocular HSV, but that was never lab tested and stumped the doctors for a long time before they said, "Well, I guess it could be..." so I am curious whether it might actually have been optic neuritis. It has flared up once or twice a year for the last several years. I now lack topical feeling in that eye (though its vision isn't bad).

tl;dr: those are all MS symptoms or can be, like a billion other things, though. so it's very possible, but I still have to get in to see a neurologist and do an MRI for the next step.

My questions are:
- Does anyone have experience with physical therapy designed to relax (not tighten or tone) the pelvic floor muscles, and if so, what is it like?
- If my problem turns out to be neurological after all, does anyone know whether said therapy could still be helpful?

thank you so much everyone!
and if anyone here has MS or knows much about it, I'm also grateful for insight into that.
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