NOLA MOMMA (sxdx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mini-Pill post nursing.

Is there any reason to discontinue the use of the mini-pill once my little critter weans? She's one of those older nurslings who will breastfeeding until college. I went to the OB recently and both she and the nurse reminded me more than once to call them as soon as my kid weans so I can get on a regular pill. I really don't think I want to be on a regular pill nor do I want any semi-permanent birth control. Once my kid weans, my fiance (who will then be my husband) says we can TTC in the next year. I like the mini-pill. I like that it takes away my periods and I like that I don't have side effects.

Update: My OB said I was FULL of...shit...basically. She warned me from doing too many forced methods and suggested magnesium. I have no started that yet but I did eat hummus for about a week straight at pretty much every "meal" and upped my water/gatorade intake and what do you know? I've been going about every other day (once three times in a day!) or so! They're not quite healthy poops yet but holy shit, it's a huge difference. I'm also still taking fiber and eating lots of hummus (it's probably my favorite food) and I'm feeling a lot better!. Sex isn't painful due to urination so much anymore. Thankfully she said my pelvic floor muscles looked great so no damage there or issues. Thank you SO much for the advice and finding the link between two issues I thought were unrelated.

Update 2: Started a different anti-anxiety medication. It's almost been a week and still able to orgasm although I think my anxiety about being able to orgasm is effecting the ability, like my doctor said. I didn't think that would happen! This is medication is one I have been on before and I can't remember if I had an inability to orgasm on it but I think I was ok. So, fingers crossed there. If not, we will have to find another route...again...

Thanks for everything, it has been really, really helpful!
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