Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in groin and back

Alright, so ever since yesterday, I've been having strange pains. It started in my back, pretty much where my kidney is located, at least I think, on my left side. After a little bit, it stopped hurting, but then my groin area (where my leg meets my pelvic area/hip/stomach or whatever on my RIGHT side (so, opposite side) got a sharp pain. That lasted for a good hour or so, and it went away, but the back pain on the other side came back. It's been kind of alternating. 

 I fell asleep with the dull back pain, and when I woke up this morning, it was still there. It's almost noon and it's still going, sometimes it's worse, sometimes I barely notice it. My groin area on the other side started to hurt earlier as well but it shortly went away. Right now, I've still got a dull back pain. 

Everything else on me is fine. No cloudy, weird colored or weird smelling urine. No blood. No pain urinating, and I've been drinking plenty of water and urinating normally (no less output). No nausea, fever, or anything. Just the pains. Does this sound like kidney problems? Like stones or something? :\ I'm also close to ovulating I believe, so I wondered if maybe it was something to do with that, but I'm just not sure. The opposite sides from my back and groin are throwing me off because I assumed if it was a kidney stone, it would be hurting on the same side. I don't know, but it's worrying me a little bit. 
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