britt_pinkie (britt_pinkie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Shaving and bumps :(

Hey superstars!  This is my first time posting my own thread here, so I just wanted to start off by saying hi and thank you!  I don't even remember how I found this site, but I've now spent hours scouring the pages and learning so much about my body and the things I can use on it (Boric Acid, really?!  That'll be my next post)- so thank you for all your relatable questions and informative answers :)

Anyway, my issue here is with shaving.  I don't really do much regular maintenance down there currently, as I'm in a long-distance relationship and no one's seeing my vagina on a regular basis.  However, I'm moving in August (he lives in Australia, I live in Reno, Nevada- we're the UBER long distance relationship!) and I would like to be able to keep it better maintained down there.  

When my boyfriend has been in town before, I've tried different methods of hair-removal, and EVERYTHING ended badly.  When I shaved, I ended up with a lot of bumps...I'm not sure if they're ingrown hairs (I'm black and have naturally curly hair, so perhaps they were from that?), or what, but I got a lot of bumps.  I tried waxing when he was here in December and 1) the hair grew back really fast- he was only here for two weeks and by the second week I was all stubbly- wtf?  Is that normal?! and 2) I got bumps everywhere again, and it was SO bad and embarrassing.  I dont' think my boyfriend noticed (or if he did, he's a sweetheart and didn't say anything), but my entire vulva was covered in red bumps of varying shapes and sizes.  I tried some of that anti-bump shaving cream and they went away, but it was just awful.  I'm thinking that might have happened because we had a lot of sex and perhaps all the friction on my freshly waxed/shaved skin causes irritation, but I just don't know what to do. I feel like I do have pretty sensitive skin, but I shave my legs and armpits just using cheap razors/shaving cream and there's never any problems- it only seems to happen on my vagina :(  It's very frustrating for me...I do think it looks/feels nicer when I'm completely shaved, but I also don't want a bumpy vagina every time.

I should also mention that I tend to use cheap razors, so could that be the problem?  I've seen people on here recommend men's beard trimmers, would that help?  Or is there any sort of cream I should be using to prevent bumps?  Thankfully, I've got a few months to experiment with shaving so I can find something that works before I move down there.  Does anyone else have this problem with the bumps?  

Please help and thanks in advance! :)

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