wakeupbelieve (wakeupbelieve) wrote in vaginapagina,

a question about my husband bleeding with urination and my odd menstrual cycle

Can I ask a question about my husband (sorry, the rules page is down right now)? It's related to my sexual health since it's about his. He just called me and told me he had a spot of frank blood after urinating this morning and this afternoon (he wipes after, so I'm assuming that's when he saw it). He claims this happened a few years ago and that I told him it was no big deal since it only happened once (I totally don't remember this and don't think I would've said that). He said he's not in any pain and there's no other discharge. I'm going to examine him when he gets home... check him for kidney pain and any cloudiness in the urine, discharge, or odor. Anyway--- my question. He doesn't want to go to the doctor. If you only spotted a little blood a couple of times with no other symptoms, would you go to the doctor or just let it go? I've tried to explain to him that a lot of things it could be wouldn't have other symptoms. FWIW, we've been monogamous for 10 years and I've never had any  symptoms of an STI. He does have external genital warts (I assume I have it, I've never had an outbreak, but I probably gave it to him, so...). How concerned would you be? Do you think it's stupid not to go to the doctor over  this (he doesn't want to spend the money)? *eta*-- It's blood-tinged urine, not frank blood as he led me to believe. There's a bit of blood in the urine and it looks cloudy, so I think it might be a UTI. So far no lower back pain, though he said he is feeling a little pain with urination now (apparently like it feels if he urinates immediately after orgasm). Regardless, I'm making him go to the doctor. He's going to get some labs done and have a general check-up so he feels better about the co-pay :P

A vagina-specific (or uterus, rather) question-- I've asked before about the cycle changes that come with hormonal birth control. Many of you have told me that it's normal for HBC to make your periods lighter or non-existant. Okay, so I'm fine with that. The problem now is that, with me not doing anything different, one month my 'period' will be practically not there and then the next it will be ridiculously heavy and long. Should I be concerned? I just hate how different my periods are this time around on HBC. When I was last on it over a decade ago ago, as a teenager and in my early twenties, my 'period' came about the same day each cycle and was pretty much the same each cycle. Now I'll bleed or not bleed, and sometimes I start bleeding before I start my sugar pills and other times my placebo week is almost over before I start bleeding.
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