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oh goodness, the never-ending period (help!!!!)

Hello lovely superstars.

I come to you in dire need of your oh-so-vast knowledge base on all things vag!

I was on depo in October. Went off, couldn't afford it (insurance stopped covering it). Went in for a consult originally for Essure, doctor thought Mirena would be better for me because of my wicked periods (foreshadowing!!). I agreed. That day- end of January probably, around the 25th? Started bleeding.

Originally, I was going to see the doctor in April to have Mirena done so my insurance would cover it. I had set up a consult in March to confirm the installation. In february (the 9th), after five solid weeks of bleeding constantly (and burning through lady-accessories super quickly), I called the doctor and said "help!". He suggested we install the Mirena since I was bleeding. We did.

THE BLEEDING DID NOT STOP OR LESSEN OR ANYTHING. By the time I went in for my month checkup (march 5th), the bleeding hadn't stopped or anything. The doctor didn't feel concerned, so I decided to wait it out. Come the end of march, it still hadn't changed, and at this point, I was not only having to use pads because of the IUD insertion (eugh), but i was burning through them fairly quickly. End of march I get into the doctor on an emergency appointment and the doctor decided to write me a scrip for birth control to try and "restart" my cycle. He also wanted me to get an ultrasound to make sure the IUD was in the right place and that there was nothing wrong, so I did. They did a transvaginal ultrasound and an exterior one and my results confirmed that the IUD is in the right place and that there are no cysts or things that are otherwise abnormal.

I just started day two of the second 30-day pack yesterday, so I've gone through an entire 30-day birth control pill cycle (it starts with a P?) with -no change-. I've had wicked cramps on and off through this, I've felt stabbing pain on and off; I take vicodin and naproxen every day anyway because of back-related health issues and even THOSE don't help the cramps.

I'm having blood that's bright red, smells strongly, and is very very fibrous- like... when I go pee, chunks fall out into the toilet sort of thing. I wipe, and it's... globby, thick, and slimy in addition to super-bloody. Does that make sense? I've had a few days where the cramps were so bad I was bawling (and couldn't sleep, etc) and the chunks that came out the next day were flesh-colored and very tissue-looking. Almost like... when you trim chicken breast fat off and it's firm, but still clear that it's tissue/fat, except mine is like a peach color, not yellow like chicken fat. I've had that happen twice (once on Easter and once a week ago), and both were fairly sizeable (probably about the size of a quarter once I picked at them with tweezers to be sure there wasn't anything weird(er) happening.

I've been going crazy obviously because not only is it gross (I'm not really comfortable with things coming out of my vagina, it grosses me out hardcore), but it's inconvenient, it's uncomfortable, and most importantly it's hindering my sex life (I will not have sex on my period as it's just a no-no-no zone for me).

Do you guys think that maybe my body is just flipping out trying to get itself righted after having been on Depo for ten years?

I talk to the doctor's office and there's not a whole lot they can do- the quantity of blood is not enough to warrant concern and apparently neither is the chunkiness- and he's already done all he can with the pills and stuff. Every time I call they think I want the IUD out and I don't- I want to keep that- I just want this awful infernal bleeding to stop.

So- here's where I beg and plead for your help- are there any 'natural' ways to stop this from being this way? When I look up this on the internet I get a ton of results but it's all different information- I thought maybe you all would have tried some and had some experiences worth noting.

I am still kinda hoping that it's just gonna wither up and fall out, though.
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