thatcrazylaura (thatcrazylaura) wrote in vaginapagina,

Really confused :/

So i was with a guy ive been fooling around with and my best friend and her boyfriend, and we were all kind of experimenting, and so i tried stuff with my besty and we both went down on eachother while the guys watched, but then when we were done the guys joined in and we switched partners for a minute, i ended up in 69 position with my best friends bf, and he came all over my face withouth warning me. My guy friend only ended up going down on my besty and she didnt do anything to him. Long story short i am really atracted to my best friends boy friend now, idk if it was him cuming on me or what but i really like him now, i cant just ditch the guy ive been seeing for my best friends bf... Im so confused
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