plumpurpleloco (plumpurpleloco) wrote in vaginapagina,

Discharge question

Hello peeps, I'm new to the community, but I was a long time lurker on an old LJ account a few months back.

Question:  How much vaginal discharge is too much?  

I've always wondered this about myself. Throughout the day I experience a lot of discharge on my underwear.  it's clear and depending on the time of the month can be slightly thick or pretty thin, but the point is it's always there.  My the end of my day, my underwear is always pretty damp.  I am overweight and my thighs touch so I think some of it could be sweat, but I just feel like it's not right.  If I want to have a dry pair of undies I have to wear a pad, and for years, I would wear pads daily to absorb it.  

It's a problem I've had for what seems like a long time, so if it's normal I can deal.  Just need to know if there is anything a doc can do.  
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