Kaitlyn (segerquist) wrote in vaginapagina,

Not-so-fun experience with a coloscopy

  Hi everyone. I'm so glad to have found this community on LJ. I had a somewhat traumatic experience with a coloscopy today. I'm 23 and didn't get my first pap until a few weeks ago when I went into the doctor for anxiety related issues. My pap came back with high risk HPV and my doctor referred me to a gyno to get a coloscopy. I was very anxious about having the procedure done. My mom told me that when when I was about 6 I got a yeast infection from playing "doctor" with a friend of mine, and that when she took me in to the doctor to get examined they had to hold me down and there was lots of screaming on my part. I don't remember any of this, so I think perhaps part of my fear has something subconsciously to do with that experience I had when I was a little girl.
  Anyway, back to this morning's coloscopy. I took some Xanax before the procedure. My doctor was very nice, although I wish she had been a bit more chatty and comforting during the procedure. The biopsy part was very painful for me, but the rest of the procedure was mostly just uncomfortable. She kept asking me if I thought I was going to pass out, I said "no, but I'm feeling nauseous". After the procedure was done the nurse brought me some water. I sat up and the doctor told me to stay sitting for about 5 minutes before I stood up and to except some cramping and bleeding in the next couple days. She also mentioned that she wanted to do another similar procedure for another issue in a few weeks, but I don't remember what she said it was for exactly, some other kind of biopsy related to my pap results. And then she left.
  My naseau started getting worse, the room starting spinning and I get very cold and clammy. I remember thinking to myself that I had never felt this awful and sick in my whole life. I think I passed out, because all of the sudden I was laying half on the table, half leaning on wall next to the exam table and the cover on my lap had fallen onto the ground. I started crying and eventually got dressed. No one bothered to check up on me. I was still crying when I walked through the hallway. A nice nurse had me sit down with some tissues and water. She asked who my doctor was, but she never came. After about 10 minutes I left.
  I suspect that some of this has to do with my anxiety, but I feel seriously traumatized after this whole experience. I apologize if you are reading this  before you get your first coloscopy. It is my understanding that this is not the typical experience for most women. I am especially worried that my doctor is asking me to come back in three weeks and do another similar procedure. Does anyone have any advice? Should I ask for something stronger than the Xanax I already have a script for? I seriously don't know if I can do something like this again. It's been hours and I'm still light headed and teary. Sorry for the long post. Any words of encouragement/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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