joyce (withyoures) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI that isn't a UTI?

For about a week and a half I've been having what I thought were typical UTI symptoms... Urethra pain, very frequent urination, pain when urinating. The pain comes and goes however, and only ever hurt for a prolonged period (hours) and enough for me to take painkillers maybe 3 times. It also doesn't hurt every time I per, only sometimes.

Fast forward. I go to my doctor Monday, tell him I have a UTI and need antibiotics. I tell him my symptoms, he pushes on my back and belly and it's all fine. I leave a urine sample and fill a prescription for generic Vantin, 100 mg.

Yesterday the doctor calls and says the urine sample showed no sign of a UTI and that I could stop taking the antibiotics. I told him I still had some pain, and he said to see a urologist.

Anyone know what this could be if it's not a UTI?

Quick about me: 25 yr old cis-female, sexually active, currently in LTR with cis-male, not on birth control, last UTI was about 6 yrs ago, on a lot of psych meds.

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