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condom lube ingredients

I have a huge bone to pick with lubricated condoms. They never disclose the ingredients of the lube on them (I gather they're not required to) and naturally that makes me wary of the ingredients. I'm not particularly sensitive to any given ingredient from what I can tell, but I'm hyper vigilant about what goes in/on my body and this nondisclosure is driving me insane.

The closest I can find to good lube ingredients on a prelubricated condom is sir richard's which say they don't contain parabens or glycerine or spermicide (all good things to not have) but even still, they don't disclose everything else and they're ungodly expensive. Kimono plus aqua lube discloses their ingredients obviously because they use a standalone brand of lube on those ones but I'm not okay with those ingredients. And I'm sick of using unlubricated condoms with lube I put on. I wish Sliquid made condoms! Boo!

Alright, rant over :) So yeah, sir richard's is the best I've found so far. Does anyone know of anything better? / no squicky ingredients and full disclosure? Thanks!

Edit: I just emailed Sir Richard's to see if maybe they'd disclose and they replied saying their lube is 100% silicone oil. Not sure how I feel about silicone lube but at least there aren't glaringly bad things in it! So I guess I got to the bottom of my own question, but if anyone knows of any others, I'd love to hear it!
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