creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in vaginapagina,

Odor After Sex

I just want to know that this is completely normal. I'm fluid bonded with my partner (and have been with partners in the past) and Im STI/STD free, as is he. Anyway, even when I clean up afterwards, especially if this is "night sex", I still smell like the Gordon's Fisherman plant. I will wake up in the morning and the odor will blow me over. Its bad enough that my cats will try burying it with the blankets. I just want to be reassured that its normal for guy fluids and girl fluids to mix together and smell totally wretched.

And yes, the smell does go away after a shower and through washing, but even if I do that at night, there will still be the tell tell I HAD SEX smell left there in the morning and I'll have to wash again...and again...for the smell to go away completely.
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