hellgamatic (hellgamatic) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yogurt/Probiotics and spotting

So, I posted a few days ago, asking for advice about using yogurt to treat a YI. I ended up using an Instead cup with a few tablespoons of yogurt in it, that night, to see how it would do, and it seemed to do a fairly decent job of killing off the itchy burning feeling...however, later that night, I noticed very light spotting. I figured it was just the ring of the cup had scraped against my cervix too hard or something, no biggie.

Today, I was feeling minorly itchy again and remembered what one commenter had said about using acidophilus pills as a suppository, so I tried that...and when I went to the bathroom a few hours later, my discharge was very definitely reddish pink.

What gives? Is it just a reaction between my cervical fluid and the probiotics, or am I bleeding for some reason?

For reference, I'm on cycle day 11 of a normally 32 day cycle. My period lasted its usual 4 days... I'm also having some weird random period-like symptoms such as that lovely type of bowel movement that only seems to happen during aunt flo's visit, and abdominal cramping.
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