Becca (beccalicious_xo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Inflamed cervix?

Hi all!

I was at the doctors yesterday for a physical, and when she got to the pap before she even swabbed, she said my cervix was very low and inflamed. I also bled (a lot) after the pap. Normally I bleed, but it has never been this heavy. It was my first time having a pap with my new DR, and I told her this was 'significantly' more blood than usual. She's referring me to a gynecologist for further investigation - but in the mean time, I'm wondering what might cause it, and/or experiences you've had that sound similar.

Relevant facts may include that intercourse is painful sometimes for me, I often bleed slightly afterwards (which if I have a low cervix is from him hitting it - I assume), the doctor found I have high blood pressure (like..crazy high - 144/120.....), and I'm in a 4 year monogomous relationship.
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