tyoung2 (tyoung2) wrote in vaginapagina,

possibly pregnant?

Hey guys, I've always lurked but never posted but I'm kind of freaking out now. So I had unprotected sex this past Saturday and he pulled out, but got a little bit of semen on the inside of my thigh. Deep down, I know there's a really small possibility that it could "swim" up my vagina. My period still hasn't come and it's about 5 days late now. My cycles are usually a bit longer and are around 35-37 days, but I'm on day 42 now =/. My boobs have been sore for a couple days now, which is usually a sign my period is coming, but it's still not here. I'm starting to stress out about it! I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative, but could it be too soon to tell?

I would appreciate any advice or anything! It's all I can think about :(
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