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changing the pill after nearly 9 years?

so i'm just posting this for advice. :)

i don't know whether or not to change my pill. i am really scared about it. i have been on this pill, Cilest, since i was 13. i am now nearly 21. i went on it when i was 13 because i had really bad acne & heavy, painful periods. it was perfect for me, and when i started being sexually active, i just stuck with it. it only started being an inconvenience for me in the past 8 months or so.

my symptoms are:
- my periods are heavier, and getting very painful like when i was a teenager.
- my periods can be very irregular, whereas all the years before my period came like clock work. now, sometimes it does not even arrive during the 7 day pill break, or it comes towards the very end.
- i spot a lot during my cycle
- if i skip ONE pill, i start spotting. this was never, ever the case
- i get morning sickness and nausea a lot
- i feel like i have period pains pretty much the whole month, every month.

yeah, it's not pleasant. nothing has changed in the past 7-8 months that this has happened. i have no STD's, i'm not pregnant, and i have been with the same sexual partner for 4 years. i did ask the doctor about changing the last time i went but they told me they were really busy & to make another appointment next time. i guess because i've been on the pill for so long, and majority of these years i have been very happy with it, i'm really scared to make the change. also: could it be the pill that is making these changes, or is it something to do with my body? could it be because i have been on this pill for so long, or is that not possible?

there is no similar pill in the UK market, which also makes me scared to change.i am scared of it messing my periods up even more, bringing my acne back from when i was younger, weight gain... everything.

the one i'm taking is: CILEST: 35 oestrogen and 250 progesterone
and here is an example of another popular oral pill: mercilon oestrogen 20 micrograms, progesterone 150 micrograms

because there is not a pill with the similar amounts of hormones like cilest, this also makes me worry that my body will freak out. especially as most of them that i have been looking at contain LESS hormones than cilest, so would it even work?

i would appreciate any advice. thank you <3
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