Megan (ohloverx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unusually Veiny Breasts?

Ok, I know this is going to sound like the most ridiculous question, but I need to ask someone as I've got some weirdness going on.

I had my period from April 9th to April 12th. It was on time, usual length and slightly heavier than normal. My husband and I had sex on the 14th, but I'm pretty positive there were no accidents. This week, one of my breasts has been a bit sore and both of them are incredibly veiny which is unusual for me. However, I want to believe it is because of a lump I found around my period in the sore breast which is where most of the pain seems to be radiating from (I'd be more concerned, but I think it's an enlarged lymph node, to be honest, as there is a similar yet smaller lump in pretty much the same place on the other side and ice seems to help with the pain and swelling. I'm keeping a watch on it, though.). Plus, I'm pretty sure that I ovulated this weekend as I felt a bit crampy then, and that usually signals ovulation for me and I was having a lot of the usual ovulation discharge.

So, unless my period wasn't a period which seems highly unlikely, I'd have to have conceived a little over a week ago and while I figure it is unlikely I could experience anything THAT soon, I thought I might ask as the crazy veiny breasts is just so unusual for me, and I know that can be an early pregnancy symptom. Plus, considering it would be WAY too early for a pregnancy test, I wouldn't even know for another few weeks.

Are there any other causes for really veiny breasts? All my Google-fu keeps bringing up pregnancy and I just find it so unlikely. I won't rule it out because, well, I am sexually active and stuff happens, but I would imagine there could be some other cause for it. Could it be connected to the pain and possible lymph node issue? I figure if the pain and swelling doesn't subside in a few days, I'll head to the doctor to check it out.

Basically, it's just an all around weird situation and any thoughts or advice would be helpful! Thanks a lot! :)
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