hellgamatic (hellgamatic) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast, Yogurt, and cups?

I am pretty sure I've got a yeast infection (my third one ever in my lifetime) and I went and bought some plain unsweetened yogurt with live cultures, and got home only to realize I have no idea how to use it if I don't have gloves to use as a popsicle mold or tampons to dip in it. I've been using nothing but cups and cloth pads for 4 years now and the only non-reusable things I have in the house are Instead Softcups and a few regular pads the hospital gave me after a d&c last year.

Can I put yogurt in an Instead cup and pop it up in there? Or should I just lay down and slather myself with yogurt like it's some kind of weird lube? I smeared a bit on my vulva already to cut the itchiness but I really want this to just go away!
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