helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

sore butt area!


So for about 2 weeks now I've noticed that the area on one side of my butt-hole is a bit hard and sore. It's mostly like this only on one side, and not really on the edge but right next to the edge, and I concluded when I first noticed that it was from straining (when trying to poo) and that it was just a variation on a hemorrhoid. It could possibly also be an internal hemorrhoid or something like that, but it is not very painful or distracting.

Anyway, I was getting into some sexy times last night, and my boyfriend likes anal play a lot. But when it came time to put something in THE AREA, I just couldn't relax this area enough.

I still think it is related to straining, but since it's now interrupting my sex life I thought i'd ask if anyone has had anything similar or knows what it could be. I tend to jump to upsetting, dramatic conclusions when it comes to my body ailments but in this case I really am 99% sure it is related to straining or something like that. It doesn't hurt at any time other than when I lightly press on it, like when I'm washing it in the shower.

Advice? Thanks in advance :)
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