savedbydragons (savedbydragons) wrote in vaginapagina,

strange symtoms...?

Hi girls!
I need some insights on what you all might think is going on. Firstly, i do plan on calling the Doctor should i feel worse or not improve in a few daysish. Im also taking Lupron Depot for endo been on it for over a year.

So for the past few weeks ive had increasing numbness and weakness in my hands, started in my non dominate hand and has now spread to my dominate hand. It comes and goes in severity to feeling a bit weak to not being able to hold or open a pill bottle. Ive also been getting an increse of migraines from once every few weeks to 1-3 a week. Im also stumbling and not feeling all that cordinated recently to, which is a bit imbarassing at work lol. today was the tiping point of WTH is going on. My job is working with small children, i tie about 10 pairs of shoes a day. Well today i went to tie a kids shoe not only did i have a hard time malnipulating the laces i couldnt remeber how to tie it! I sat there for a few minintes trying to remeber. Im usually fairly with it person, Im also a professional equestrian so my hands, streingth, ect are very important. And this slow decline is a little scary. Im wonding if this could be a side effect of the long term lupron use? something else? Google is well google so i either have E.bola,cancer,MS or the flu :)
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