victory vampire (baxaronn) wrote in vaginapagina,
victory vampire

Period management with migraines?

First of all, I apologize in advance if parts of this post don't make sense. I've got massive brainfog right now, and it's making coherency difficult. If anything needs clarified in any way, please let me know!

A few months back, my doctor put me on the Pill (Lo-Ovral) to try and regulate my periods. It worked wonders - and without it, I tend to not bleed for months at a time, followed by at least two weeks of bleeding (or, in the case that led to me going on birth control, three months).

About a month ago I realized that the weird visual disturbances I've been having aren't a sign of a brain tumor or anything, just migraines (usually) without headache. And while it's nice to have that figured out, my understanding is that people with migraines shouldn't take the Pill due to greatly increased risk of stroke.

What alternatives are there for period management that aren't contradicted by migraines? Or am I completely wrong about not being able to use the Pill?

I don't know yet what's causing my irregular cycle, but I'll be addressing that next time I see my doctor, which is when I want to bring up the migraine thing and discuss alternatives. (She suspects ovarian cysts and had referred me to get an ultrasound, but that... hasn't happened yet. Long story.)

And if it's relevant... I've never had sex, and I'm gay, so having sex that could lead to pregnancy isn't in the cards, but I really like being on birth control regardless because I'm absolutely terrified of getting raped and ending up pregnant without access to abortion services. /: I don't know if that's at all rational, but...

The brainfog is making it hard to figure out what to search for and how to process the vast amount of information. I'm sorry if these are silly questions, but I can't figure this stuff out on my own right now.
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