bushisgonein08 (bushisgonein08) wrote in vaginapagina,

changing of birth control?

So I was on Loloestrin, but because i never got a period while i was on it, and wanted to get an IUD, my gyno switched me to the regular loestrin 24 FE. Well today was my first brown pill, and should have started my period..i have no cramps, no PMS whatsoever, and no period. do other women take this and not get a period?! AND, since this was my first month taking loestrin 24 FE and not the loloestrin, was i not as protected? does it make a difference? the only time i have had sex was not this weekend, but last saturday-tuesday..so it would have seemed fairly late in my cycle to be ovulating..i know i should just take a test but before i go spend the money on a test i thought i'd hear what others had to say?!
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