whiterabit (whiterabit) wrote in vaginapagina,


Hi VPer's!

Now I have been on birth control pills in some variation for 6 years continuously. When I was first on birth control pills (Ortho tricyclen lo back then..) I could self lubricate decently if not sometimes too much. It was this way before pills too. But as the years have gone on I do not self lubricate nearly at all anymore.

While I am not in a relationship right now I would like to be able to be excited. I am thinking that if I take a break from birth control for a while like 3-6 months would this help with my self lubricating problem or is it useless?

I have lube and do use coconut oil but my ability to be excited just seems to have died as the use of the pill has gone on longer and longer. I am thinking I need a break.

Or is a break just silly?

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