Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

Problem getting wet, vagina pain, and infertility questions

Just wanted to thank everyone so much for the comments and replies to my last entry. It put me more at ease about my number, and also helped me realize that just because someone asks me what my number is doesn't mean I have to tell them. I think a good reply that I'm going to use is, "A few." Or, "We'll just say that this isn't my first time." I don't know, that still sounds questionable, but it will work.

I do have a few questions. I have a hard time getting wet. Even with some foreplay, I'm still pretty dry down there. Sometimes nipple stimulation for long periods of time helps me get a little wet down there, but not enough. I almost always have to use my mouth on the guy to make him wet first so that he will slide in me. If I don't, it literally just won't go in because it is so dry. Sometimes if they thrust really hard they can make it in, but even that is very hard. Is this a huge problem? How can I fix it? Could dehydration be a problem? I don't drink a ton of water, and sometimes whenever I'm engaging intercourse, there can be alcohol involved, which dehydrates me even more.

I think the only time I've ever been noticeably wet down there is about a year ago when I smoked weed with my then boyfriend. He was surprised at how wet I was, because that isn't the norm. The second time was also on drugs and a year ago, but this was ecstasy. It was like a waterfall... That guy commented on it as well. I'm not sure why being on mind altering drugs had anything to do with my wetness, but it made me so wet. 

Also, a few times a year after my period my vagina and vulva hurt. It's kind of like a chafing hurt that starts a few days after my period ends and lasts for about a week or so. It also stings sometimes when I urinate. I've been checked for STDs the last time I went to the gyno, so it can't be anything like that, although I have had two sexual partners since then and this problem has been happening for over a year now. Any idea what this is and why it only happens sometimes?

Last one, I'm terribly afraid that I'm infertile. I've always battled with chronic bacterial vaginosis (BV) and have taken antibiotics for it at least seven times. I've had this problem for about three years, and have posted in here numerous times about it. I haven't had a case of it for a few months, but I'm scared that the infections made me infertile and that I won't be able to ever bear children. I read somewhere that if left untreated for even a few days BV can destroy the fallopian tubes. Is there anyway to have my gyno check to make sure I'm still fertile? If it matters at all, I've taken Plan B three times over the course of five years. 

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