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Really nervous and confused. Need some support and guidance

Hey girls,

Background: 22 years old, up until recently, had gentle, but irregular cycles. I wanted to see if I could regulate this, so this past year, have been on multiple birth controls, switches all due to weird side effects. Seasonique: Horrible mood swings. Lo Seasonique: Anxiety, panic attacks, depression. Zovia 35: bleeding for a month straight. My doctor and I have been trying to regulate my period. For a while, I completely "detoxed" off of the BCs, in hopes that my body would straighten itself out. My family has a history of hormonal issues. My mother went into menopause at 36. 

The last few months, I have had cramps so bad that I am curled up in a ball, crying. I'm also experiencing nausea and vomiting that we're not sure is it's own symptom, or a result of the pain. The pain starts where it feels it's inside my vagina, possibly around the area of the cervix, and radiated outward, filling my entire pelvis. There is no position,pressure, heat, cold,ibuprofen, etc that even dulls the pain. 

When I saw my doctor about this, we put me on beyaz. I've been on the medication for a little less than 3 weeks. I started it the day after my natural period was gone. About 4 days in, I started spotting,and then got my period again, and it hasn't stopped yet. It's brown, thick, almost gelatinous blood, and there's no cramping, but I have been experiencing some serious exhaustion, which I think may be from bleeding so much. 

Thursday, I have another appointment, and we are going to be doing an ultrasound, my annual, and a pap. My doctor and I have talked about the possibility of a cervical sample? (I may not be referring to that properly. They may take a piece to biopsy, depending on whether or not we find something promising in the ultrasound and pelvic.) I'm really nervous, and a friend of mine said when they took hers, she was in severe pain for several days. I have to work 1-9 the next day (My appointment is at 830 a.m thursday) and I'm concerned about whether or not I'll be able to, if we do the sample. I'm really worried about what this could be in general, and I'm really freaked out about the sample. We've talked about endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and cancer. All the possibilities are freaking me out and making me really anxious. Does anyone have any advice? Experiences? Should I take the next day off of work? Am I panicking for no reason?
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