Galahara (galahara) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condom fallling off

This past weekend I had sex while on a camping trip. The condom broke/fell off during but I'm on birth control so I didn't think much of it at the time. We fell asleep pretty quickly afterwards and I never bothered to locate the condom (usually he takes care of that). Fast forward to this Tuesday; while in the restroom I feel something funny, turns out the condom had fallen off and was still in me! This has never happened to me and I'm a very weirded out by this. I never noticed it or felt different, and I feel fine now but the idea that it was in me for a few days concerns me. For a few years I was having issues with chronic Yeast and Bacterial infections so I was worried this might cause those issues to flare up again. It's been a few days and I feel fine, but I still wonder.

Has this ever happened to anyone and should I be worried about any health risks?
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