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possible PCOS? How to go about talking to the Dr

Hello I'm 21, cis-female and strongly suspect something is going on with my hormones that shouldnt be. I suspect it may be PCOS.

As a bit of background I have had lots of issues with birth control in the past. Combined pills in particular made me very sick and I also had joint pains and itchy skin that came on a few months after starting. I would often be unable to get out of bed and felt very weak, at one point the Dr thought it was MS or ME. Preogetin only pills made me very down and yasmin messed with my BP. The depo injection was fine but after 2 years I had the mirena coil (had it 12 months and LOVE it).

My mum has PCOS and had very similar reactions to birth control as me, she struggles with her weight and had to have her gall bladder removed at 38 as it was completely full and the stones could not be dissolved. She has always had regular periods until the last 5 years and now takes metformin. It has been confirmed that at 44 she is NOT menopausal. My mums side of the family has a history of heart disease and my grandmother died at 54 due to a heart attack. She had a hysterectomy and gall bladder removal in her 40s following years of bad periods.

I have the following issues
1) Periods - when I have them they hurt, a lot and I often vomit. They were also heavy pre-depo and came back in the months after Mirena but have now reduced loads. I don't actually bleed but there is a lot of discharge during my "period" that often fills a pad. They were always regular (every 4th friday at 3pm, as were my mums) but are a bit more unpredictable, possibly due to the Mirena.

2) PMS - I don't suffer with my emotions too much but I do get severe bloating (normally UK 10-12, large 12's don't fit and I have to wear elasticated pants for a few days. This is not helped by drinking more water or exercise). I also feel very light headed despite eating lots around my period, as though I am anaemic, yet I don't bleed much.

3) Hair - My body hair is getting darker, in particular I have had to start tending to my facial hair as the tash is noticeable. There are a few thick hairs but its mostly quite fine which makes waxing difficult. I have tried bleaching it which seems to help. I also have several thick hairs around my nipples.

4) Weight - despite exercise and diet my weight refuses to go below my BMI of 25. I am 5'3 (160cm) and weigh 143-147lbs. No matter what I do it will not budge below 140 and so I get downhearted and eventually give up. My weight has not gone above 150 so its fairly stable, just above the BMI of 25. It is very much concentrated around my torso, like my mum I have skinny legs and arms, large boobs and a belly. I am rarely full, even if I eat a large meal and drink lots of water but I have calorie controlled my diet strictly and lost some weight.

Since moving in with my boyfriend I now eat only brown pasta, rice and bread and I notice that if I do have white carbs I get bloated and have stomach cramps. I know this is an issue with endo and maybe some other hormone disorders. I eat very little dairy, milk in tea and sometimes cheese on pasta or a pizza.

If anyone could shed any light on how to approach the Dr or if the PCOS thing is really what's likely to be wrong. I am worried about my weight and would like to get my BMI down to around 23-24.  I am more concerned about the risks for the future than my current health but my weight and hair does concern me at the moment. I have always had quite a lot of confidence but the last year or so it is slipping despite other areas of my life going well (great career prospects and a great relationship).

Many thanks

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