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ovulation && anxiety meds during pregnancy

i had posted a few days ago that i had missed my period && i took a pregnancy test on day 4, but it was negative..i went to my gyno today && they did a urine test && it was negative as well. anyway, the reason i missed my period was probably bc i've been off my diabetic meds :/ well once all of that is regulated && my period comes back (the dr gave me sum hormone meds to take for 10 days && she said i should get my period in the next week after the meds are finished, fingers crossed)

me && my husband have been TTC for a lil while now, like less than 6mons / right at 6mons && i had an app on my HTC Desire that tracked my periods, ovulations, etc. but now i don't have the phone service (i can still access the app, or atleast i think i can) but i was wondering if ya'll had any suggestions for an online app that i can track my ovulation with..? i want something that is as reliable as possible && free :)

once i get my diabetes back in line && my period regulated again, imma start charting my ovulation, my temperature, && do urine ovulation testing (idk anything about any of this lol, just wat my dr told me about it at my visit today) she said that if i don't conceive in the next 6mons, we'll look into wat might be physically wrong with me (or my husband) && we'll do the tests that need to be done && go from there..

also, i am on Effexor XR && without it i feel like i have electricity running thru my head && it's pretty intense (i was off it for 3 days && i was a mess, thinkin if i just put my hand up like an X-Men i'd shoot electricity out my fingertips :/) anyway, my dr said she wasn't sure wat would happen if i became pregnant && on Effexor bc there wasn't really anything out there to say yay or nay on the drug && pregnancy..she suggested i might wanna look into Prozac since there is evidence that the drug doesn't interfere with pregnancy / the baby's development / etc. does anyone kno anything about anti-depressants / anxiety meds and pregnancy?

thanx in advance! <3
Tags: mental-health, pregnancy
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