Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

Question about birth control and thoughts on number of partners

I'm getting back on birth control on Sunday. I had my period last week, and the pharmacy told me to start taking it (the first pack) on Sunday. I've heard very different things about how protected I will be from pregnancy. Someone said you have to wait one month before you're actually protected, one person said one week. So my question is, how long do I have to wait after starting birth control before I'm protected? I'm on Trisprintec 28, by the way.

Also, I'm twenty one I've had 23 sexual partners. I've been checked for STD's twice. I'm very self-conscious about my number, because I know it is really high. But what do I say to guys when they ask my number? I know your 'number' is very arbitrary, and really shouldn't matter to anyone else, but I guess it just makes me feel like a slut sometimes. I go to school in the Bible Belt and everyone is still very conservative about sex. It isn't a taboo subject, and everyone has sex and talks about it, but having a big number for a girl is considered disgusting, and you're slut-shamed for the most part. So, what should I tell people when they ask? 

What do you think is considered 'slutty' or what number is considered 'slutty'?
I hate that word, because I'm only contributing to it's use but it's all I can really think to use. 
I like sex, and I love having it and I hate that women are held to a different standard than men when it comes to sex. Men are congratulated for having copious amounts of sex, while women are ostracized and outcasted by society.
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