james is a girl (james72) wrote in vaginapagina,
james is a girl

Missing period after implanon removal

Hello superstars,

I had a hunt about VP but can't find anything on this that my laptop will talk to so thought I'd ask.

I had my implanon removed about 4 weeks ago after having it in for 9 months. 5 days after having it removed I got what I thought was my period (very excited, I got to use my mooncup for the first time. Getting it out was hilarious but that's another post..). So, that period lasted for a day and was tiny. Very weird. Since then, nothing. I have had a google and am finding all sorts of horror stories about it taking months for cycles to settle after having an implant removed. None of it is very reassuring so I thought I'd ask here - has anyone else experienced significant weirdness after getting the implant out? I bled all the time with it in so it's weird, but good, to not have a period or anything.

I am sure I'm not pregnant. Last time I had sex I still had the implant, was on Cerazette for the crazy bleeding and my partner had a vasectomy 10 years ago and no kids in that time.

Yeah, now I'm looking at that in print I'm having a giggle too. Am I paranoid about getting pregnant or what?
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